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Atmosphere APJ event by HPE Aruba Networking

Our team has just returned from an incredible experience at the Atmosphere APJ event hosted by HPE Aruba Networking in mesmerizing Bali!

The event featured an impressive lineup of industry experts, visionary leaders, and tech enthusiasts who shared invaluable insights into the future of networking. Their presentations are inspiring and motivating to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of innovation.

Thank you for HPE Aruba Networking for organizing such a remarkable event and to all the amazing individuals who made this experience truly unforgettable. Thank you for pushing the boundaries of networking and empowering us to shape the future together!

For the knowledge and insights we gained from the event, we will share them with you in our upcoming product updates/workshops. Let’s continue to drive innovation and make a positive impact in the world of networking!

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Check Point APAC Partner Conference

We are thrilled to share that we had the incredible opportunity to attend the Check Point APAC Partner Conference in the breathtaking island of Bali! As representatives of our organization, we were honored to be part of this exceptional event that brought together cybersecurity experts, partners, and industry leaders from across the region.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Check Point for organizing this exceptional event and to all the participants for their valuable contributions. Together, we are shaping the future of cybersecurity in APAC and beyond!

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Trend Micro at Cyber Security Summit

Joining forces with Trend Micro at the incredible Cyber Security Summit! As advocates for cybersecurity excellence, we proudly stood alongside Trend Micro to share our expertise and collaborate with industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the organizers, speakers, and all attendees who made this summit an incredible success. Your passion and expertise have undoubtedly elevated the cybersecurity industry, and we are honored to have been a part of this transformative event.

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Tenable at Cyber Security Summit

On Sep 11, we had the incredible opportunity to be part of the Cyber Security Summit at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). As representatives of Tenable, we were thrilled to connect with fellow experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts in the field.

It was an honor to share our insights, discuss emerging trends, and collaborate on finding innovative solutions to the ever-evolving cyber threats that impact our digital world. The discussions were enlightening and truly highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in today’s landscape.

Let’s continue the conversation! Share your key takeaways, innovative ideas, and thoughts on the future of cybersecurity in the comments below. Let’s inspire and empower one another to stay cyber resilient!

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Check Point x Amber World Group Customer Seminar

Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our event with Check Point Software Technologies and Amber World Group, where we discussed the importance of email security and how Check Point Harmony email can help keep your organization protected.

We explored the latest advancements in email security and demonstrated how Check Point Harmony email can help prevent phishing, malware and other email-based threats. We hope you found the session informative and valuable. Stay tuned for future events and updates from Check Point!


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Cloud & Digital Infra Event

Synergy is proud to support Tenable at the Cloud & Digital Infra event on June 2. As a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, Tenable offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities to protect your business from cyber attacks.

To learn more about Tenable’s cutting-edge technology and how it can benefit your organization, contact us now!



Netcraft Week in Macau

We’re excited to announce that Synergy has joined the Netcraft Week in Macau on May 23, 2023, together with Aruba, to take part in an important discussion on the future of AI. With the topic “Can AI replace Human,” this event promises to be a thought-provoking and insightful conversation on the role that AI will play in our lives and businesses in the years to come.

As a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, we’re excited to be a part of this conversation and to help shape the future of the industry. Stay tuned for updates from the event and follow us for more news and insights on the latest trends in technology.



Veeam 101 Training

We had an amazing Veeam 101 training session with hands-on lab which make us confident and equipped to tackle data management challenge.

We highly recommend this training for anyone looking to improve their data management skills. Don’t miss out on future training opportunities – stay tuned for more updates from Veeam and Synergy!



Veeam Partner Summit 2023

We had the amazing opportunity to attend the Veeam Partner Summit as one of the distributors!
It was great to connect with each and every valued partners. Our game booth was a huge success, and we are grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and played our game! Looking forward to attending Veeam events and working with each and every one of you in near future.”



Trend Micro 雲資安峰會

剛剛參加了 Trend Micro 雲資安峰會,真是一次美妙的體驗!

是次活動以“佈雲今日 防禦未來”為主題,匯集了阿里雲、AWS、騰訊雲等行業頂尖領導者作為演講嘉賓。

獲得了有關雲安全的寶貴見解,並了解了該領域的最新趨勢和最佳實踐。感謝Trend Micro 組織了這樣一次內容豐富的活動!

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