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Trend Micro™ TippingPoint™ Threat Protection System (TPS) is a powerful network security platform that offers comprehensive threat protection against known and undisclosed vulnerabilities with high accuracy.

Go Beyond Next Generation IPS with Real Time Detection, Enforcement and Remediation

Tipping Point Integrate with Deep Discovery Advanced Threat Protection Solution to detect and block targeted attack and malware through preemptive threat prevention, threat insight and prioritization, and real time enforcement and remediation.

– Inspect and block inbound, outbound and lateral network traffic in real time
– Defend the network with real time, inline enforcement and automated remediation of vulnerable systems
– Using machine learning technique to make real time decisions to immediately and accurately block malicious traffic

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Zero Day Initiative (ZDI)  

– Largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program
– Over a 12-year track record of securing the ecosystem of critical enterprise-class vulnerabilities
– Unique insight into the latest threats
– Strong partnership with affected vendors results in more timely patching 

Threat Intelligence Offerings

The TPS uses a combination of technologies, including deep packet inspection, threat reputation, URL reputation and advanced malware analysis on a flow-by-flow basis—to detect and prevent attacks on the network.

DIGITAL VACCINE provides weekly and emergency distribution of threat intelligence for comprehensive protection to your network from known and zero-day vulnerabilities discovered globally via the ThreatLinQ website as well as in the ZDI Bug Bounty Program

THREAT DV stops malware and protect sensitive data as a subscription service. It blocks movement and activities of malware; detects and intercepts C&C activity, targeted phishing attacks and mitigates exploit kits in real time. It also detects DNS requests from malware-infected hosts attempting to contact their C&C hosts using domain generation algorithms (DGAs).

DVTOOLKIT provides broad protection with custom filters including import of open source rules (e.g. Snort Signatures) and enabling self-defined filter triggers/trigger-less filters in IPv4 and IPv6 environments. It also provides centralized management and single point of deployment for both custom-developed and Digital Vaccine filters.

  “Recommended” in the 2018 NSS Labs NGIPS Group Test Report

Powered by XGen™ security, TippingPoint provides organizations with a proactive approach to security, high accuracy, comprehensive contextual awareness, in-depth analysis of network traffic, and the visibility and agility necessary to keep pace with today’s evolving security landscape.


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