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Today, individuals all around the world are used to being online 24/7. Whether they are at work, at home, or on a bus, being online is no longer a luxury of life, but a way of life. Our lives revolve around our iPhones, BlackBerrys, tablets, and laptops. We have become so accustomed to working in the office and on the go that our handsets stay constantly within an arm’s reach, even when we are sleeping. To accommodate the needs of the users, many sectors have already begun to investigate and integrate solutions that will help keep their employees’ efficiency levels high, regardless of where they are. Synergy Computers and Communications Limited (SCCL) provides solutions that are flexible, reliable, and customizable. We deliver results to our clients, which is why we continue to be one of the leading mobile network solutions providers in the industry.

Public Sector

Working for the government does not mean that employees cannot be at the forefront of technology. Today, a majority of the government’s workforce is using smartphones, tablets and other 3G/4G enabled devices to manage and control their lives. They have become well versed with the newest technologies and are looking for ways to apply them in their work capacities. They want simple secure networks, and the freedom to connect when they want and how they want.

Governments must adapt to the needs of their staff, which is why the next generation of access networks must address issues that include but are not limited to:

  • Strict government security requirements
  • Centralized network access control and line-rate cryptography between mobile devices and the controller
  • Automation of differentiated user and device access, policy management and provisioning for secure network access and posture assessment
  • Support for both unclassified and classified communications on the same infrastructure
  • Secure remote access to the network

Whether you are in search of access points/ports, wireless LAN controllers & switches, WLAN Management and Security Software, Network Services and Management, or Outdoor Wireless Access Points, we offer an array of solutions designed to satisfy your needs. Some of these offerings include:

Education Sector

Technology has helped to transform the education industry over the last several years. Traditional forms of teaching are now being supported with new generation devices such as the tablet and e-readers. Schools are increasing efforts to apply interactive learning to its courses to further draw the interest of the children and alter the learning process into something that is increasingly alive and connected. The main objective for the schools is to foster learning and make it enjoyable.

To accommodate the needs of the academic sector, SCCL offers the following solutions:

  • One to one student computing devices such as student-owned tablets and smartphones
  • Adaptive Radio Management Technologies designed to increase Wi-Fi bandwidth capacities in high traffic areas such as auditoriums, lecture halls, cafeterias, etc.
  • Traffic prioritization systems and dynamic multicast controls for multiple video sessions per device
  • Creation of secure connections granting access to student records regardless of being on or off campus.
  • Centralized and stable multivendor management systems to ensure network uptime

Hospitality Sector

The priority for this sector is the enhancement of high-speed performance and security to better serve its clients. To achieve this involves upgrading the common network infrastructure that supports all functions including high speed Wi-Fi access, voice over WLAN for employees, video surveillance, mobile POS, and gaming applications. People operating in the hospitality industry are constantly on the go, and need to be constantly connected so that they can get their information at all times.

SCCL offers solutions that bring resolve to such issues. These include:

  • The restructuring and optimization of the RF so as to enhance the operation management of critical data whose retrieval or transmission must adhere to certain time constraints in order to be acceptable to the user
  • The construction of the proper parameters and infrastructure to ensure that unauthorized users are blocked from the network and authourized users operate though the proper access processes and procedures in order to gain entry to the platform
  • State of the art systems to ensure the reliable delivery of high-quality voice and video transmissions to smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc.

Healthcare Sector

The ability to get connected whenever and from wherever is critical. Accessing the system with a validated identity is even more important. The healthcare industry needs and demands that it has systems in place to allow its staff to access critical records and information at all times. The work in which physicians, nursing staff, and administrators carry out is vital to the well being of the patients and it is crucial that things get done in a timely manner.

SCCL offers solutions that support simplified processes and secure access to customers’ systems to ensure that physicians, nursing staff, and administrators have the information they require to perform their jobs. By adopting next generation applications, we are creating efficiencies within job operations and helping to reduce costs, which in essence, can be allocated to other areas of need.

SCCL understands the importance of simplicity and security for the Healthcare industry and we offer the following solutions to our customers:

  • Reliable systems that ensure the delivery of data, voice, and medical device traffic over one common network
  • A system that is secure in all aspects including access to medical records, prevention of unauthorized access, and compliance to industry security standards
  • The provision of disruption-free access to Wi-Fi voice handsets
  • The integration of portable patient monitors and telemetry devices to provide a higher quality of care to patients
  • The elimination of RFID-tagged shared medical information to bring down costs
  • Secure internet systems to allow the proper and efficient exchange of information between vendors, visitors, and patients

Industrial Sector

This industry is essentially inundated with huge equipment and materials that are scattered around the workplace. Before new generation devices, it was essential to find and make room for workstations, which were required for carrying out preparation works and managing everything from administration to logistics.

What wireless technologies have managed to do is eliminate the need for workstations. By implementing secure wireless systems, the need for workstations are no longer required. Wireless applications that run across a broad range of devices and platforms enable employees, contractors and suppliers to gain access to data such as floor plans, delivery schedules, and employee worksheets from wherever they are and whenever they want. Valuable workspace that was previously used up by workstations can now be freed up for other vital machineries and supplies, thus creating increased efficiencies on the work floor and reducing costs.

SCCL is in tune with what this sector needs and demands and some of the solutions that we offer include:

  • Flexible WLAN systems that are able to handle demanding files and provide smooth voice and video connections
  • Systems that are adjusted to meet the stringent requirements of use inside plant facilities, warehouses, and outdoor industrial capacities
  • Temporary worksites with network services
  • Highly secure streaming video surveillance systems

Retail Sector

When used properly, retail players are able to maximize their sales and minimize their risks with the simple use of Wi-Fi technologies.
Retail operations rely mainly on the proper and effective communication of information to customers so that they will come to visit the shops. What Wi-Fi solutions allow for is the effective push of marketing and promotional information to the customers’ smart devices, be they iPhones, iPads, androids, or tablets.

Once potential customers enter the shops, retailers must ensure that their data is accurate and up to date. This means having systems in place that are constantly monitoring inventory levels so that sales teams can know what products to push. By having real-time information on hand, what retailers are essentially doing is eliminating the risk of upsetting customers by selling them products that are no longer in stock and maximizing sales efficiency by allowing sales teams to focus on selling what is in stock rather than what is sold out.

SCCL deeply understands how effective mobile solutions can affect your turnovers and customer experiences, which is why we offer solutions that include:

  • Mobile applications that keep your customers informed of what’s going on within your shops. Rich and interactive content continuously pushed to customers reminding them of your presence
  • Real-time inventory systems to inform employees that they maximizing sales and effectively making use of their time
  • Secure mobile video systems to monitor surveillance and keep track of inventory

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