IT is demanded to be more agile, scalable and cost-efficient, management and CIOs are facing concerns, from increasing cyber security issues to the need of growing IT infrastructure with limited resources. Company may find difficulties in adapting the new era if the issues are not properly addressed.

Security Operations Center (SOC) is manned by security professionals, equipped with dedicated security facility, sophisticated data analysis, threat intelligence monitoring, intelligent filtering, case management and security assessment; to monitor threats, identify new vulnerabilities, and enforce policies across entire organizations. Different from Network Operations Center (NOC), SOC focuses on incidents and alerts that affect the security of information assets. Its main role is to protect intellectual property and sensitive customer data – a focus on security.

Four Phases of SOC

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SOC Solution

Synergy Threat Management System (TMS) is an end-to-end SOC as a Service, it is built base on an in-house designed TMS architecture that caters for both local and global businesses. It is modular, allowing you to choose services which suit your needs and the ability to add more services as your needs grow. It also uses threat intelligence information and accesses experts from multiple vendors.

Threat Management System (TMS)

It is not whether you will but when you will be attacked. The threat landscape is changing:

– Vulnerabilities increase as company closed connect with third-party systems and mobile devices.
– New hacking technologies and tools updated to Dark Web daily.
– Hackers are easily hire online
– Internal threats, both unintentional and intentional, are raising.
– Difficulties in hiring security expertise
– Expectation of regulators and customers keep rising

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Synergy Managed Services powered by Check Point

To optimize your IT team workloads by empowering them to do value-added tasks, IT professionals from Synergy can help to maintain your IT environment by offering a wide range of services with a simple monthly subscription. Our cost-efficient services are designed to keep your IT solutions up-to-dated and patched, compliant with new regulations, free up your current IT team and improve competitiveness.


Synergy as your local MSP

Our Managed Services help your IT teams to focus on value-added tasks, while we manage the day-to-day operations.


– Monthly subscription bill simplifies budgeting and forecasting
– Able to scale easily when needed with our pay-as-you-go model
– One-stop support for all hardware and software needs
– Wide range of offerings that is constantly expanding
– Strong relationships with leading solution providers and vendors
– Strong track record in meeting SLAs
– Detailed reports to keep you in control

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