HPE Aruba Networking

Liberate businesses from the last wired barriers
Founded in 2002, Aruba helps businesses engage #GenMobile with exactly what they need, at exactly the right time, no matter what the device or location.

Make IT the ally
With Mobility-Defined NetworksTM, Aruba automates performance optimization and security actions that used to require IT intervention, so the network engineer can stop being the IT authority and become the IT ally.

How is Aruba Different?
Stabilize The Air. Wi-Fi is treated like air and water. It’s an always-om utility that doesn’t shlow down when faced with unpredictable spikes in people and traffic.
Secure The Air. Securing mobile devices is simple, adaptive and automated instead of a tedious, labor-intensive process that requires helpdesk intervention.
Simplify The Air. Logging into work apps, as well as sharing print and other resource, are now mobile-device friendly and no longer annoying manual tasks.
Smarten-up The Air. Aruba personalizes mobile apps with location-awareness and push notifications. Unified communication and other critical apps get priority over the air, even if they’re encrypted or web based.


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