Technological Solutions

To ensure that our clients are at the forefront of technology, Synergy Computers and Communications Limited (SCCL) offers mobile products that are cutting edge and able to give you the added efficiency boost required to take your operations to the next level. Our technological solutions include:

10G Enterprise Campus Network

Enterprise information technologies have helped to advance operational efficiencies on campus networks. By adopting the SCCL 10G Enterprise Campus Network solution, users will be able to benefit from a 10GE Network, Mobility, and Cloud Services.

10GE Network: affords the luxury of high-speed channels and increased bandwidths to support high traffic and a smooth transmission of data. 10GE provides users with rapid and flexible access to services and information and offers a high degree of performance.

Mobility: no longer a luxury, users expect mobile services in order to carry out their tasks. 10GE Enterprise Campus Network integrates wired and wireless capabilities in and around the area, enabling users to connect from anywhere at anytime.

Cloud Services: the new era of computing has arrived. Cloud services feature converged IP, voice & video services, massive data switching, and data storage. The main benefits of cloud services include extreme convenience and high reliability.

Next Generation Data Center Network

As our appetite for information grows, so does our need for reliable and secure data centers. SCCL offers a next generation data center network solution designed to accommodate the needs of users including Scalability, Reliability, Security, and Manageability.

Scalability – As more and more corporations migrate to cloud computing, the demand for additional storage will increase. Once this occurs, there will be a huge strain on data centers to accommodate the requirements of their customers. Therefore data centers must be able to foresee future needs and demands and structure their systems in a manner that will be able to accommodate the evolution of technology.

Reliability – Information stored in data centers is of great importance to customers. It is critical that clients are able to retrieve this data when needed. Customers expect nothing less than 100% reliability and will not tolerate the loss of any information. While customers can appreciate the occasional unexpected incident, they are also keen to learn about disaster recovery programs and real time backup capacities.

Security – Confidentiality and protection are of the utmost importance to all customers. Systems are designed in a manner to detect intruders, block unauthorized access, and defend against DDoS and Application Layer attacks. We take security very seriously and have implemented the necessary steps to ensure all data is safeguarded.

Manageability – Simplicity is our objective. Our view is that the simpler the foundation, the easier it is for the customer to use. Increased management efficiency, easier operation, and smooth systems maintenance are all results of a simple structure.

Guest Access

Whether you are managing hotels, convention centers, stadiums, or cafes / restaurants, high-speed connectivity is pertinent to the development of a long-term relationship with your customer. By integrating reliable and secure wired / wireless access for customers, you can create a new revenue stream for your business and generate additional value added services for your customers, thus elevating your business’ prestige status. However, guest access must be implemented properly, else the results will be negative. Companies affording guest access must ensure that their systems are fast and reliable, are able to accommodate high levels of traffic from anywhere within their facility and at all times, and offer both the selection of wired and wireless access.


Wireless technology has eliminated the need for fiber and leased lines. They are cost effective and can be installed in shorter periods of time. Wireless backhaul solutions offer secure voice and data connections, carrier-class reliability, stability under severe environmental conditions, flexibility, and scalability. By adopting wireless backhaul solutions, companies will be able to better cater to the bandwidth, coverage, and mobility needs of its users.

Location Tracking

Using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and industry standard protocols, our Location Tracking solution allows you to locate, track, and manage all of your assets, inventory, staff, and visitors. Being able to monitor your inventory, assets and people in real-time format will allow you to improve the company’s overall workflow as well as security levels and customer service. With location tracking solutions, you will gain visibility across your entire facility, regardless of geographical boundaries.

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