Professional Services

Synergy Computers and Communications Limited (SCCL) offers a range of professional services tailored to satisfy your needs and requirements. Our team of professionals is committed to working with all partners and customers ready to work with you side by side to ensure that your systems are functioning effectively. Our professional services are four tiered and comprise of the following:

Application Development

Our developers work closely with customers to understand their requirements and design an application that will be effective for their operations. Whether they are building software to fill a specific business need or to automate various business tasks, SCCL’s offerings have proven results over and over again. With years of experience in the mobile application development arena and a strong understanding of the mobile solution industry, our products will keep your operations running effectively and efficiently 24/7.

Consultation Services

What mobile solutions give companies is the opportunity to restructure their current set up and transform it into an operation that is leaner and meaner. Systems helping to reduce costs, employees constantly connected, and valuable analytics of what users and customers need and want. This is technology at its best and this is what SCCL can do for you.

Our consultation services will render a clear analysis of customers’ current infrastructures, risk analyses of system set-ups and the integration of new architectures, and a solution plan to improve operations. We also provide suggestions relating to the re-engineering of systems and how to increase the efficiency of structures. Whether you are in search of security, application delivery or WAN optimization solutions, we have the expertise and know-how to produce the results that you desire.

Implementation Services

Our team of technical professionals diligently works to ensure that your systems go live as soon as possible so that you can begin to reduce costs and reap the returns from your investment. Prior to integration, our team will map out the implementation process step by step, carefully detailing milestones that are to be met along the way. Before the soft rollout of the system, a thorough test plan will be performed to ensure that all objectives and goals are satisfied. Preceding the go live stage, SCCL staff will work closely with the customer to ensure that all employees are properly trained with regards to the new system and possess the necessary knowledge and skill to tackle any issues that may arise.

Technical Support Services

Our job is never complete, even if new systems are up and running. SCCL is dedicated to providing long-term technical support to its customers for its entire range of products and service offerings. We understand the importance of having qualified personnel available 24/7 and constantly remind our customers to contact us at anytime should they have any questions or concerns about their system. We also provide customized after sales support to clients with special needs.

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