About Pactech
Pactech is a privately owned company founded in 1994 initially as a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. In 2006, Pactech started creating its own line of specialty cables to address the needs of today’s increasing demands for space-restricted and high portability applications. Its specialty cables offering a new level of technical competence and sophistication in connectivity solutions that aren’t available anywhere else. Pactech supports a wide variety of customers in the areas of Government, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail, Health Care, High-tech, and any businesses that have data centers or provide cloud-service.

Core Strengths
Engineering. As your Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Pactech’s design engineers can recommend upgrades or redesigns to your current set-up to help improve performance and reduce costs. Also, the line of Specialty Cables offer unique designs that solve specific problems.
Manufacturing. Pactech provides in-house expertise and experience to deliver custom design, prototype and turn-key components solutions and assemblies. Its access to cost-competitive global manufacturing of products for large volume projects is only part of our solution.
Service. Pactech will take your design concept to finished product form within a tight Time-to-Market window. Pactech will label and package your items to your specifications after receiving them from the manufacturer, reducing your receiving and handling costs. Quick turnaround, tight quality control, prompt delivery, and effective resource management are what Pactech takes pride in.
Support. Pactech’s service covers acting as a third-party IPO to stock custom design items to meet time-critical demands. The staff provides professional sales and technical support. Careful evaluation and selection of the upstream vendors in supply chain.



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