About N-Partner
N-Partner is formed by a professional team focusing on high performance big data collection, storage and analysis by our proprietary technology, which including the N-Partner Smart DB, a very high performance data storage technology, search method and query technology. The Smart DB can greatly minimize the time of performing query, storage and searching of SysLog, Flow and SNMP data. Only 48 seconds are need generate TOP 1000 report out from 10M of Syslog data. While only cost 300 seconds to query or search information of multiple IP address. Company has developed a next generation technology of Log, Flow and SNWP analysis and reporting system.

Syslog, Flow and SNMP
Syslog, Flow and SNMP are common protocol in the network device, servers and security devices. Syslog provides a simple and profound information of applications, security information etc. While flow record provides tremendous view of network traffic.

Products of N-Partner possess ability of Syslog/Flow/SNMP data collection, storage, realtime analysis, query and report etc. The most important is the correlation of Syslog/FLow/SNMP. Implementing the correlation among Flow, which reflect the information of L3/L4/ Packet/Bye, and Syslog, which is the data indicating the L7 application, is the prefect combination to provides a complete view of the network and security details. N-Reporter is the most advance , powerful and simple to operated reporting system and analysis system of Syslog, Flow and SNMP.



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